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Profi Online Research™ is the first Russian company specializing in high-level execution and analysis of online market surveys.

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Profi Online Research™ is a full-service market research company, providing consumer goods surveys, BtoB and market segment research using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The company uses innovative modern technologies that highly improve survey quality, considerably reduce time of research and thus reduce its cost. Our surveys are carried out 24/7!


2008 July, 24
Profi Online Research became ESOMAR Member. Owing to strict following the international standards for the market researches, we successfully passed the complicated multilevel proceeding and now are one of 4,800 ESOMAR Members in the World. Research methodologies further development and improvement become key issue of the Membership in order to research projects quality increasing in accordance with the Clients’ needs.


 Since July 2008
Profi Online Research
is ESOMAR member


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