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Profi Online Research™ is the first Russian company specializing in high-level execution and analysis of online market surveys.

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Why Internet research?

  1. cheaper (4-5 times) and faster (2-3 times)
    • no field expenses
    • no additional expenses on research forms verification
  2. more valid results
    • no time limits for respondents to fill out the form
    • familiar environment and any convenient time to fill out the form
    • respondents preserve incognito, thus they give true answers on complex questions, about their income for example
    • we have respondents’ profiles so that they have no opportunity to change it in accordance with each survey requirements
  3. with respondents’ profiles we are able to form the selection in advance
    • sex, age
    • income
    • marital status, number of children
    • sphere of activity
  4. 100% voluntary participation
  5. we have feedback from respondents
    • additional survey (a second wave)
    • qualifying question
    • the client may continue research with interested potential customers (form a focus group, invite to presentation or tests)
  6. respondents will carefully fill out the forms to get their payment

How do you guarantee the results and believability of the answers?

Similar to surveys: extreme answers are rejected, the form is made by professionals, 25% of the forms are checked by personal phone calls and e-mail letters.

Are there any restrictions of your research method?

There are restrictions in hall-tests and other types of tests when taste, weight or smell evaluation is necessary.

How do you guarantee that one person will not fill out 10 forms or get 10 accounts?

We analize IP addresses, cookies and complex registration forms; these all excludes duplicates during the registration.


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